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Common Misconceptions About Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorized blinds and shades have seen a surge in popularity recently as more homeowners embrace home automation and convenience. However, there are still some common myths and misconceptions surrounding this type of window covering that may lead people to wrongly dismiss motorized options as unsuitable or impractical for their homes. This article debunks some of the most prevalent myths about motorized blinds and shades.

Motorized Cellular Shades

Motorized Options are Too Expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions about motorized blinds and shades is that they are only affordable for luxury homes. The truth is that pricing has become very competitive recently. While motorized window coverings used to be quite costly, newer technologies and mass production have significantly brought costs down. There are now quality motorized shades and blinds available at very reasonable price points that work with most budgets.

Cost Varies Greatly by Features and Brand

As with most products, the cost of motorized shades and blinds can vary greatly depending on the specific features, quality of materials, brand reputation, and more. So, there are motorized options at higher price points with advanced features for those wanting maximum functionality. However, there are also extremely affordable options for those prioritizing budgets. The table below shows cost ranges to expect:


Average Cost Range

Basic Motorized Roller Shades

$100 – $300 per shade

Mid-Range Motorized Honeycomb Shades

$250 – $600 per shade

Advanced Motorized Silhouette Shades

$500 – $1,500+ per shade

No matter your budget, quality motorized shades or blinds are within reach as long as you choose the right options for your needs and home. Work with a reputable dealer to find the best value products for the functionality you require.

Installation and Use Can Be Simple

Another myth about motorized window shades is that they are overly complex to install and operate. With some of the newest user-friendly advancements in this category, motorized shades can actually be quite simple and intuitive for everyday use after the initial setup.

installing shades

DIY vs Professional Installation

  • DIY installation is achievable for some basic motorized roller shades, but can require electrical, wiring, and networking knowledge. For more complex shade types with automation features, professional installation is best.
  • With professional installation, the process is seamless. The installer will handle all wiring, calibration, app connectivity, voice assistant setup, and full operation walkthrough/demo.
  • For homeowners, operation after setup is very straightforward with included remotes and/or mobile apps allowing for simple everyday raising, lowering, and scheduling. No need to understand the back-end systems – just tap and go!

So, while the installation process itself can require some technical skill, the usability and function for homeowners do not, and professional installation eliminates all complexity anyway.

Reliability and Benefits Continue Improving

As the technology behind motorized shades advances, reliability continues to improve dramatically while benefits expand. Some concerns still linger from early versions, but engineering innovations by top companies lately have led to far more dependable and useful products overall.

Key Reliability and Compatibility Improvements

  • Durable materials, gear systems, and motors for long-term reliability
  • Modular designs to fit a vast range of window sizes and types
  • Backup batteries as manual overrides for operation if power fails
  • Integration across top smart home systems and voice assistants
  • Secure encrypted data transmission and storage

Notable Benefits Gained

  • Total control and automation from anywhere for convenience
  • Schedules/scenes to match optimal lighting and climate needs
  • Help manage energy costs by trapping/releasing heat/cooling
  • Can act as an extra security system for home when out of town
  • Operate hard-to-reach windows with ease
  • Solutions for oddly shaped windows, a challenge with manual shades
  • Voice and app control for a modern, sophisticated experience

As you can see, early concerns about unreliability or impracticality have evolved thanks to better engineering by leading brands. And the core benefits continue expanding to enhance homes in new ways.

Key Takeaways: Debunking Myths

  • Pricing has lowered over time, with affordable options for most budgets
  • Install/use can be very simple, especially with professional installers
  • Reliability and compatibility improve yearly thanks to innovation
  • Ever-expanding benefits add genuine value for households
  • No longer a luxury product, but a practical automation/convenience upgrade

FAQs about Motorized Blinds and Shades

Some leading and innovative motorized shade brands known for reliability include Hunter Douglas, Horizons Window Fashions, Alta, and Graber. Compare warranties carefully when purchasing.

Basic roller shades are sometimes DIY-friendly, but for specialty shades or advanced features, professional installation is best to handle wiring, calibration, and setup. This also ensures proper functioning.

Many now come with backup batteries, manual overrides, or Bluetooth mesh networking, so they will keep functioning in a power outage or internet disruption. Check these continuity features when choosing shades.

Reputable brands use bank-level encryption and data security protections to keep control signals, connections, and integrations secure. This includes integration with smart home assistants and brands.

By automating when shades open and close to control sunlight/heat, studies show motorized shades can reduce energy costs by 20-25%. Smart scheduling is key to maximizing energy efficiency benefits.

Kesch Shades and Blinds Is Here to Help Demystify Motorized Window Treatments


As we’ve explored, many common myths and misconceptions about motorized blinds and shades simply do not reflect the current realities and innovations in these helpful home products. When purchased and installed properly, quality motorized window coverings can provide convenience, efficiency, and sophistication at reasonable prices for all types of homes today.

Still have questions or want personalized advice? The team at Kesch Shades and Blinds is here to help demystify these helpful but sometimes misunderstood products. We’ll provide recommendations tailored to your space, walk through pricing and installation considerations, address any concerns, and give you all the information you need to make an informed, confident decision about upgrading your home.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a free design consultation today. Or, if you’d just like to know more about the latest innovations in motorized shades and blinds, feel free to call or email us anytime. Helping homeowners cut through the myths to understand the true benefits of automation for their windows is our passion. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with the community.

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