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You must open and close your window treatments at varying points throughout the day to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. But who has time to drop their schedule and manage their window coverings? Kesch Shades and Blinds has the ultimate solution: custom motorized window treatments.

Why Explore Motorized Window Treatments

Convenient Management

We carry motorized blinds, shades, and curtains that connect to smart home applications. Once we install your automated window treatments, you can integrate them with your smart home system. The application allows you to manage the settings from anywhere at any time.

Reliable Technology

Our remote-controlled blinds, curtains, and shades include durable components that work for years. Most motorized shades only need charges a few times yearly. You’ll rarely worry about running out of power to maintain your preferences.

Extensive Compatibility

Our motorized treatments can integrate with most smart technology. You’ll seamlessly manage your window preferences from your mobile device. Create schedules that coincide with other in-home solutions.

Enhanced Safety

Do you have children or pets? Manual window treatments with hanging chords and small pieces present choking hazards and other concerns. In contrast, motorized window treatments offer a secure, hassle-free solution, eliminating these concerns.

Featured Products

Motorized Window Treatment Gallery

Browse our remote-controlled shades, curtains, and blinds for futuristic technology with a touch of stylish decadence.

Why Choose Kesch Shades and Blinds

Expert Craftsmanship

Our detail-oriented designers fluently understand each homeowner’s varying preferences. We extensively reflect on your desires before making suggestions. Our measurements are precise, and our installation is effortlessly flawless.

Convenient Product Options

We prize quality, creativity, and customizability. We only carry automated window coverings from reputable brands like Horizons, Alta, and Graber. We help you discover options that last and serve your individual needs.

Lasting Customer Relationships

Our stellar reviews demonstrate our passion for new projects and the people behind them. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each customer deserves a warm, pleasant experience with the bonus of customized window treatments.

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Benefits of Our Motorization Options

Remote Controllable

Equipping your home with the latest technology doesn’t just make life simpler. It also makes your home more energy efficient, especially when it comes to window insulation. Adding motorized treatments to your home automation allows you complete control from any location.

Smart Settings

Customize your schedule to maximize coverage when you need it most. You can close your window treatments during winter sunsets to minimize the chill. Mid-afternoon heat spikes in summer can no longer overheat your home.

Diverse Power Sources

From solar-power shades to battery-reliant curtains, we carry all power-source options! Find the source that strikes the perfect balance in your home.

The Kesch Shades and Blinds team specializes in designing fashionable treatments equipped with practical modern solutions. Our motorized window treatments strike the perfect balance between luxury and customized technology. Call (904) 385-2222 to schedule your appointment.

Common Questions

Are automated shades reliable?

Yes, automated shades are reliable, especially when they come from a company as committed to quality as ours.

Can I manually open and close my smart shades?

Yes, you can manually open and close your smart shades. Gently tug at the from the bottom to work the release mechanisms.

Should I charge my motorized blinds?

Yes, you should charge your motorized blinds as the owner’s manual directs. Most blinds only require occasional charges.

Which motorization options work best for me?

We’ll determine the best motorization options for you during the free consultation. Our designers can learn about your expectations before recommending products.

Can I customize my motorization settings?

Yes, you can customize your motorization settings. Some motorized window treatments offer more customizations than others.