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At Kesch Shades and Blinds, we believe home decor should serve a purpose. Our luxury drapes enhance style while protecting your privacy.

Why Select One of Our Superior Drapes

Fabric Selection

From luxurious satin to modest linen, our diverse fabrics transform an interior design. Thick, plush materials beckon guests during the fall and winter. Elegant, soft furnishings open the room up in the summer.

Color Palette

Should your drapes make a bold statement? Or shall we explore neutral colors that blend into the background? Choose from shimmering gem tones or delicate whites, creams, and pastels.

Opacity Levels

The fabric’s thickness will determine:

  • The amount of light and air that filters through
  • What people outside your home can see
  • Your home’s energy efficiency

Our designers will help you select the perfect material to insulate your home while allowing sunlight to awaken each room.

Motorization Features

Many styles come outfitted with motorization technology. You can integrate your draperies with your smart home system. Remote control features allow you to open or close the curtains from any location. Additionally, you have the flexibility to personalize your curtain schedule according to your preferences.

Featured Products

Window Drapes Gallery

Shop our expansive inventory of curtain materials and hardware options from quality brands like Alta, Screen Innovations, and Extra Shutters.

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Why Choose Kesch Shades and Blinds

Expert Craftsmanship

Each design and product exemplifies our commitment to quality, artistry, and flawless integration. We double-check each measurement and only recommend window treatments we know you’ll adore.

Quality Guarantee

We carry brands like Horizons, Graber, and TWO because they hold their products to the same high standards as we hold our services. Our treatments come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

Customer Service

We put our customers first throughout every interaction. Satisfied clients post rave reviews about our dedication to their satisfaction and attention to detail. Claim your free estimate and design consultation.

Benefits of Our Drapes

Energy Efficiency

Purchase drape materials of varying thickness for optimal efficiency year-round. We often suggest drapes that reflect the changing seasons in appearance and insulation properties.

Privacy and Security

Our blackout curtains offer optimal privacy. People outside your home won’t know your whereabouts or what each room houses.


Options like delicate, sheer curtains allow maximum sunlight to filter through while obscuring your indoor areas.

Enrich your home’s interior with professional assistance from Kesch Shades and Blinds. We carry extensive window treatments featuring the latest technology and breathtaking beauty. Call (904) 385-2222 to discover customized designs.

Common Questions

Will a designer assist me in selecting the best custom drapes for each room?

Yes, one of our designers will assist you in selecting the best custom drapes for each room. You’ll share your aesthetic and practical preferences during your consultation. Then, we’ll recommend products based on the information provided.

Should my custom draperies reach the floor?

Yes, your custom draperies should reach the floor under most circumstances. However, you can specify your preferred length during your consultation.

Can I use drapes year-round?

Yes, you can use drapes year-round. However, we typically recommend choosing various fabric types and colors to create sets that match the changing seasons.

What happens during a drapery consultation?

Our designers visit your home for the scheduled consultation. Then, we’ll explore your design and decorative preferences and ask you a few questions about what you want out of your draperies. We use this information to find the product that best matches your desires.

How do I care for drapes?

You care for drapes by occasionally shaking them to release dust. You can also run a vacuum hose over the fabric to remove embedded debris. Occasionally washing them with appropriate techniques and products keeps them looking new!