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Custom Exterior Shades in Jacksonville

Make your home more energy efficient with custom exterior window shades. Exterior shades have many benefits to protect your windows and home furnishings while complementing your home’s exterior with an additional layer of security and privacy–and they look great too! Choose from several different colors and styles to match your home’s exterior.

Benefits of Installing Exterior Shades On Your Home

Reduced Glare

It can be aggravating when you are watching one of your favorite TV shows or working on your laptop, and there is glare from the sun on your screen, making it hard to see properly. With the mere touch of a button, you can adjust or close your motorized exterior window coverings to relieve you of this problem. It gives you a peaceful viewing of your items in your home that is much like the movie theater with perfect vision.

Energy Efficiency

The unique shade cloth blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and UV rays from entering your home. It acts much like designer sunglasses for your home as sun protection to keep it much more comfortable in the hot summer months to allow less use of air conditioning. It is an exceptional quality for UV protection if you have windows in  Florida facing east or west and get much sunlight in them in the mornings or evenings when the sun is low.

Improves the Interior View

The amazingly innovative fabric mesh of patio shades gives you perfect privacy from the outside world. It is excellent from the inside to the outside so that you can relish in the delight of your beach home with beautiful white sand and blue waters.

Long-Lasting Mesh Fabric

The fabric on your solar screens is very durable and long-lasting. It has a special coating to resist fading in the hot sunlight, sturdily resists tears, and is water-resistant. It allows you to use your window coverings all year round. Even if the weather is nice outside, you can open your windows and close the exterior shades to let a cool breeze inside while eliminating dust, debris, and pollen from entering your home through the tight mess. You can choose from many colors and openness levels for your exterior shading solutions.

Are You Ready to Take Your Outdoor Living to The Next Level?

Let us exceed your expectations with the highest quality outdoor shades on the market at competitive prices. You, too, can benefit from lower electric bills, comfort inside your home, an extra layer of privacy and security, and a stylish appearance for custom homes.

Kesch Shades and Blinds offers you a large selection of colors, textures, and styles for your home in Jacksonville, FL, to perfectly match your home’s exterior and architectural style and enhance your entire home. We also offer premium products of outdoor privacy screens for all of your outdoor shade solutions. Contact us today for a consultation to see how our large selection of exterior shades can transform your home!