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Shades come in diverse colors, materials, and styles, making them one of the most versatile window treatments. Our designers love them due to their timeless style and user-friendliness. Discover how Kesch Shades and Blinds’ custom shades can elevate your rooms.

Why Purchase Our Quality Shades

Fabric Selection

Most blinds and curtains feature predictable textures that offer no surprises. However, when manufacturers design shades, they use diverse materials like reed, bamboo, and other high-quality materials that make a room unique. If you want a more traditional design approach, shop for more common fabrics to suit your preferences.

Opacity Levels

Choose from different material thicknesses to enhance insulation and improve light filtration. Dense, durable fabrics contribute to your monthly energy savings.

Color Palette

Our custom window treatments come in a variety of colors. You can either make your design stand out with commanding royal tones or blend in with other accents.

Motorization Features

If you dream of controlling your home preferences from your device, you can experiment with our motorization options. Raise and lower your shades with the touch of a button.

Featured Products

Window Shades Gallery

Browse our extensive inventory of roller shades, honeycomb shades, Roman shades, and more!

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Why Choose Kesch Shades and Blinds

Expert Craftsmanship

Our customizable designs feature impressive durability. Our team uses care when taking measurements, verifying every detail we picked up during your consultation.

Quality Guarantee

You can trust that our window treatments will last years. We only carry reputable window treatment brands like Horizons, Extra Shutters, and Graber.

Customer Reviews

We focus on customer satisfaction just as much as we pay attention to details. Our representatives nurture lasting relationships and ensure positive experiences for future services.

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Benefits of Our Shades

Energy Efficiency

Some shade varieties offer excellent energy efficiency. For example, single and double-cell products capture outdoor air before it infiltrates your home.

Privacy and Security

If you value your privacy, you’ll appreciate our products’ coverage. Some shade sets completely obscure the room, maintaining your possessions’ security.


Our show-stopping designs can emulate the latest trends or traditional fashions. We’ll uncover which visuals inspire you and make you feel at home.

Kesch Shades and Blinds will transform each room in your home with a simple solution: customized window treatments. Choose our expansive inventory of shades to supply your windows with function and irresistible fashion. Call (904) 385-2222 to request an estimate from our team.

Common Questions

How can I match my window shades with my current interior decor?

Match your window shades to your interior decor by choosing an accent color to highlight, such as the colors used on your door and window trim.

Are shades better than other window coverings?

Shades can be better than other window coverings because of the variety of products and ease of use.

What should I expect during my window treatment consultation?

One of our talented designers will personally visit your home to check out your interior design and learn about your preferences. They’ll make recommendations from your preferences and your window measurements.